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As your Village Trustee, Adam has delivered real results for the taxpayers of Frankfort. During his first term as Village Trustee, Adam has...

  • Increased the Village's reserve fund balances every year

  • Hired additional police, including a new police chief

  • Significantly increased the budget for street resurfacing and watermain replacement throughout the Village

  • Competed the Wastewater Treatment Expansion project $5 million under budget

  • Supported economic development, including the passage of the Targeted Incentive Program

  • Adopted the Village's award-winning 2040 comprehensive plan

  • Rezoned the Borg Warner property to residential to ensure future use of the property aligns with the Village's comprehensive plan

  • Improved transparency by revamping the Village's website to make it more user friendly, launching the Village of Frankfort's Facebook page, and making board packets available on the Village's website

  • Taken extraordinary measures to keep businesses functioning during the pandemic, including the passage of the RIPPLE program

  • Fought to have Matteson move the location of its proposed casino to a more suitable location and one that had less impact on Frankfort residents

As your Village Trustee, Adam will...

  • Keep our community safe by supporting the hiring of additional police officers and implementation of crime prevention programs

  • Collaborate with residents and businesses to preserve Frankfort's historical integrity

  • Position the Village to take advantage of federal and state grants for major infrastructure projects

  • Closely monitor expenses and maintain fiscal responsibility

  • Further decrease the Village's property tax rate

  • Complete the Pfeiffer Road extension project

  • Continue to implement the main principles outlined in the Village's comprehensive plan

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