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Testimonials: Explore the Impact of Trustee Borrelli's Leadership on the Frankfort Community

Trustee Borrelli's track record and vision for Frankfort has widespread support. Get to know Adam through the eyes of Frankfort citizens.

"I enthusiastically endorse Adam Borrelli for his re-election as Village Trustee.
As someone who has worked with Adam for nearly a decade, I can assure you that he is fully committed to doing what is right for Frankfort residents. He studies issues, explains his viewpoints, and makes decisions based on common sense. He has more experience in village government than any of the other candidates. For these reasons and more, I urge you to join me in voting for Adam Borrelli."

Former Mayor Jim Holland

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Tina & Kevin Goodwin
Frankfort Resident

"We highly recommend Adam Borrelli for re-election as a Village Trustee. He has demonstrated his passion and commitment to the community through his tireless efforts in improving the quality of life for residents. He has a proven track record of making informed and responsible decisions, always keeping the best interests of the Village at heart. He is approachable, responsive and always willing to listen to the concerns of residents. We are confident that Adam will continue to be a dedicated and effective leader, and we fully support his candidacy."

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Gene Savaria

Frankfort Village Trustee

"Adam Borrelli is a dedicated community leader with a proven track record of excellence. In my time serving on the board with him, his commitment to community development, sustainability, and collaboration has been nothing short of outstanding. I highly recommend his re-election to the position of Village Trustee."

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Mike Leddin

Frankfort Village Trustee

"Serving beside Adam as a Village Trustee has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life. Adam brings a unique voice and perspective to the Village Board. His professional background as an Engineer with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, together with his M.B.A. in economics to analyze, value and prioritize the critical issues in Frankfort that are presented to the Village Board. Adam's commitment to our town is unparalleled. The enthusiasm and passion with which he approaches his role as Trustee is contagious.

Adam is a consensus builder on our Village Board. Adam is always willing to listen to the opinions and perspectives of others and to give these positions thoughtful consideration as he looks to advance the goals and objectives of the Village. Adam works well with our Village staff. He takes the time to research issues coming before the Board to ensure that he has all relevant information prior to weighing in or making a decision. Adam takes the responsibility of a Trustee seriously. Adam is protective of Village assets and mindful of his obligations in allocating tax payor revenues. Adam works to gather information from outside sources, such as the Illinois Municipal League, to inform his decision making as a Trustee and also to provide useful information to all Board Members and village staff. 

As a Frankfort resident I consider myself very fortunate to have Adam Borrelli representing our interests, and as a Village Trustee I am very proud to serve beside Adam."

Erin Langlois

Village Resident

"Before my husband, Matt, and I really knew Adam Borrelli, we used to nickname him "Mr. Frankfort". Why you may ask? Because at every Frankfort event, fundraiser, school function, etc... there was Adam in attendance with his beautiful family. Whether he was volunteering, shopping, socializing, or helping in some capacity, Adam was always there to support this wonderful town.

As we have gotten to know Adam better, we know that his love of Frankfort runs deep. You can see it in his face when he is talking about this town - it isn't just lip-service, he truly cares.

And, truly, what more can you ask for in a Village Trustee than one who genuinely cares about the town they are representing. 

I recently heard a quote that resonated with me, "In every election, there are public servants and public celebrities - you have to decide which one you want to stand by." Well, I choose standing by public servants each and every time. In all his actions and words, Adam shows that he is here to serve this community, not have his community serve him. 

So, thank you Adam for running for Frankfort Trustee. You have our full support. Thank you for giving your time and your talents to keep Frankfort the special town that we all love."

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Michael McCarey

Frankfort Park District Commissioner

"I am pleased to endorse Adam Borrelli for Village of Frankfort Trustee. Adam has been a part of the Frankfort community for many years. He has been involved in local government, business, and civic activities, and he has advocated for the betterment of the entire community. Adam has proven his commitment to Frankfort through his leadership and initiatives. 

Adam is a strong advocate for transparency and fiscal responsibility. He understands the importance of creating a business-friendly environment and has the experience and vision to help drive economic growth. He also understands the importance of preserving the history and character of the village. Adam will be a great asset to the village, and I am confident that he will work hard to ensure its continued success. 

I strongly endorse Adam Borrelli for Village of Frankfort Trustee. His commitment to the village and his experience make him an ideal candidate for the role."

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Anu & Mike Prising

Frankfort Resident

"We recommend re-electing Adam Borrelli for Frankfort Village Trustee. In his 4 years as a Trustee, Adam has demonstrated a commitment to being fiscally responsible and putting the residents of Frankfort first. Adam's experience, dedication, and leadership are needed and that is why we will be voting for him on April 4th."

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Keena Jedlowski

Frankfort Resident

"I support Adam Borrelli 100% for the Frankfort Village Trustee position. He is very involved in the community and truly loves Frankfort. He listens to the residents and their concerns. I am confident he has our communities best interest at heart. Adam is Frankforts biggest fan!"

savaria fam pic.jpg
Scott & Rachel Zdanek

Frankfort Resident

"It is with great enthusiasm that I lend my unwavering support to Adam Borrelli for Trustee. His unwavering dedication to his hometown of Frankfort is truly inspiring, and his forward-thinking vision for its future is nothing short of remarkable. As a devoted family man, he is committed to ensuring that future generations have every opportunity to grow and flourish in this vibrant community. His passion for making Frankfort the best it can be is palpable, and his track record of leadership and service is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the betterment of our community. I wholeheartedly endorse Adam Borrelli and urge all citizens of Frankfort to join me in supporting his candidacy for Trustee."

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Elmer Gentry

Frankfort Park District Commissioner

"Adam is a fantastic Village Trustee. He is the perfect blend of respecting the rich history of Frankfort and also moving the Village forward. I also appreciate that his decisions are carefully considered and based on what is good for Frankfort and the people that live here."

savaria fam pic.jpg
Doug Walker

Former four term Frankfort Trustee

"I wholeheartedly endorse Adam Borrelli to be re-elected as Frankfort Village Trustee. Adam brings impressive credentials to Frankfort, starting with his MBA from the prestigious University of Chicago. From his career at the Army Corps of Engineers, time on the Village Operations Committee, and his years as Trustee he knows how to manage Frankfort's infrastructure. To supplement his knowledge base, Adam is actively involved in community events and listens to residents. From my 16 years serving as a Frankfort Trustee, I know the benefit of experience. The Trustees who are successful in this election will be joining a Mayor and three Trustees each with only two years of experience. I urge you to vote for competence and experience in this election and choose Adam Borrelli for Village Trustee."

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